The New Globalware Team is no stranger to hard work. We care about what we do, and spend long hours surrounded by walls of jewelry made with natural elements infused with style. 

We would describe our market as the resort style jewelry. Although, surf, beach, souvenir, trinket, costume, and youth have also been used to describe what we do.

As a wholesale company, we sell large quantities to retailers, franchises, theme-parks, mom and pop shops, kiosks and everywhere in between. We do our best to help businesses grow. Most of our products are in North America, The Caribbean and South America. We work hard to stay competitive in a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Someone will be enjoying a vacation, making a fashion statement, or holding hands strolling down a promenade, and they will purchase our jewelry. 
These are moments meant to be treasured and remembered. 

That's why we strive to ensure that our products are high-quality, hand-crafted and durable. We take pride in our work. 

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