Out with the old and on-wards with the new look!
It can be difficult to keep your eyes on every aspect of your business, especially in such a fast changing world.
It seems like every other week we hear of a new app to make business easier or a new way to increase customer reach. For many established business' it is often easy to fall prey to the old ways of doing things and use the phrase "It's just a passing trend". The internet has opened up so many doors for new business and closed quite a few that cannot keep up. 
This year at the annual surf expo here in Orlando I witnessed some of that change. Meeting old friends and new customers it's easy to talk and pick up on the vibe of how things are going; 'a lot more online sales these days' was the quote most often said. 
I also felt a sense of doubt about the future of a changing business model and the new giants that have moved into the retail and wholesale sphere. 
All is not grey though, we still like face to face communication, we still like to be greeted with a human smile and a gentle conversation. 
So it seems the face to face business model is going to be around for a little while longer. The machines haven't taken over just yet. 
However sometimes you have to strike the balance, the website had been neglected and it was time to put some new spark into it.

In the fast pace of industry sometimes we overlook what needs to be done. An apology to our customers for not keeping up the flow of the website. We have had a look over it and changed the format and the layout to give it a fresh spark of life, the products have been updated to reflect our changing inventory and as ever we appreciate those who stop by and visit us in person. If that's not your thing, then join us and explore our new website and get in touch, let us serve your needs.

Thank you for reading.

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