Out with the old and on-wards with the new look!

Posted by NGWTeam on 10/3/2018
Out with the old and on-wards with the new look!
In the fast pace of industry sometimes we overlook what needs to be done. Join us and explore our new website and get in touch, let us serve your needs.

Fall – What’s Trending in Fashion Jewelry 2016

Posted by NGW Team on 10/4/2016
Fall – What’s Trending in Fashion Jewelry 2016

The runways of New York, Paris, Milan, London, Hong Kong and around the world set the scene for the upcoming fall trends. Teens, fashionistas and millennials alike are quick to adopt the latest styles which seem to change at a faster pace than ever.

Here we list a few trends from the runways we like.

Teen trends have been edgier with more vibrant colors and combinations. Our newsletter will highlight some of our new and popular bracelet styles, including stackable and colorful braided bracelets with gold and black thread details. Leather bracelets are teen staples, and our multi-strand charm bracelets include colorful bead combinations and durable leather. 

Summer of the Festival and Hippie Style 2016

Posted by NGW team on 5/3/2016

Based in one of the top family vacation cities in the US, we see a constant influx of tourists from around the world who come to enjoy the year-long warm weather and to visit the theme parks, beaches and festivals. 

For spring and summer festival and hippie style stores, below are a few trends for the spring and summer seasons.

Wholesale Jewelry in the Age of the Internet

Posted by NGW team on 3/23/2016

Wholesale In-person and Online
With the continued transformation of the shopping experience through the internet, our wholesale company has changed the way we view our business. At its core, it is still our mission to provide the highest quality resort-style jewelry, at affordable prices, with an excellent customer experience. 

While a visit to our warehouse is the best way to guarantee a view of our extensive stock, we would like to provide an easier way to navigate through our products online. Gone are the days when trade shows and word-of-mouth were enough to bring enough business to the doorstep, and in are the days of e-commerce, online instant purchases and competitive shipping.


Posted by NGW team on 11/4/2013

What better way to showcase your jewelry than on self-standing displays? At New Globalware, we have a variety of tabletop displays, freestanding floor displays and one-stop shopping displays that will increase your sales and improve the look at your store!


Posted by NGW team on 6/17/2013
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Product Information

Posted by NGW on 5/20/2013
With a large selection of natural elements like shell, coco, bamboo, metal, leather, hemp and stones, we have the capability to create custom products for bulk orders. We are open to developing design ideas and working together to create new styles to meet industry and regional needs.

Business Consulting

Posted by NGW team on 4/15/2013
We don’t claim to know everything, but we know our products and how to make them work for you. At New Globalware, we embrace good business – big, small and everywhere in between. We are open to new projects or proposals for alternative business ventures. We do the best we can to make our products and service work with your needs.

What It Means To Sell Wholesale Jewelry

Posted by NGW on 3/14/2013
The New Globalware Team is no stranger to hard work. We care about what we do, and spend long hours surrounded by walls of jewelry made with natural elements infused with style. We would describe our market as the resort style jewelry. Although, surf, beach, souvenir, trinket, costume, and youth have also been used to describe what we do.